A Control Design for Vehicle Speed with Multilevel Using RF Technology

Project Description on Vehicle Speed Control:

It is a RF based technology which can work on EMBEDDED system. The main aim of A Control Design for Vehicle speed with Multilevel using RF Technology project is, now a days peoples are driving very fast, accidents are occurred frequently, we loss our valuable life by making small mistake while driving. So avoid such kinds of accidents to alert the drivers to control the speed for appropriate places (school zone, hills area, highways..).
In this project we use sensors to judge speed of the system as well as distance between one object to the other object and GPS is used to calculating accurate location of the objects. Using this automation system driver can take accurate measure to control accidents. For every sensor min and max thresholds are adjusted if moving vehicle cross those levels driver will be get alarm.

This project is also usefrll in ZIGBEE and WIRELESS communication.

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