Water Tax Billing System Project

Main aim of this Water Tax Billing System project is to implement an application which deals with maintaining water tax managing activities like generating a water tax bill, customer personal records and other administrative activities. Initially, all the information about customers will be entered and maintained, which in turn helps to generate water tax bill based on the customer’s consumption of electricity. This system will reduce manual work for maintaining records in files.

This system provides effective mechanism to manage water tax bills for admin by recording each and every activity. Regular transactions which include bill generation, payment etc. and exceptional transactions that are related to  change of customer’s address, not  clearing bills within due date etc. also will have to be handled by the system

Following is the list of modules that comprise this system:

a)      Managing the generated bills

b)      Managing Customer records

c)      Tracking bill status

d)     Menu design and integrating of all   modules

Main functions of these modules are:

Managing Customer records

a)      To create customer file

b)      To update customer file

c)      To generate Reports

d)     To search for customer information

Managing the water tax bills

a)      To create Bills file

b)      To update bills file

c)      To generate Reports

Tracking bill status

a)      To update payments

b)      To notify defaulters

c)      To generate Reports

Menu design and integrating of all  modules

a)      To display system banner.

b)      To process menu.

c)      Integration of all the modules

d)     To provide security

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  1. Your programs are good and can help improver the perfomance of shools if adopted and slitely modified to suite indivindual institutions. Wish to download for school management program under VB.Net 2012.
    Thaanks in advance

  2. sir,
    i want house tax billing system project documentation in java with abstract also
    pls help me sir immediatley

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