Integrated Desktop Search in Intranet Project in Java

     Integrated Desktop Search in Intranet Project  is the important topic on web. With the Google desktop search tool announced, MSN and Yahoo also came up with desktop search software. With this software, searching files in our computer is easier and easier. But sometimes the files are not located in our own computer. Instead, it’s in other members’ computer in the intranet which is welcome us to get it. 

Integrated Desktop Search in Intranet

     This is important for large enterprises, companies, schools, banks, and so on. For example, when an employee wants to leave of absence, usually, he needs to fill a form for leave. If enterprise has the system of desktop search referred as before, the employee could search the form through the desktop search engine and get it easily. It is only an example for the benefit of desktop search which could be applied more comprehensive. 

Integrated Desktop Search in Intranet Project modules.

They are Network, Desktop search, Desktop share, File search and File operations modules. 

     Where in Network module a network connection will be established and the terminal will be connected with the given IP address. 

     In the Desktop search module, the user can explore the desktop connected with and in the Desktop Share module; multiple users can share the same desktop. 

     The File search module deals with the searching of the required file with a specified file name and type of the file. Whereas the File operations module consists of various operations that are concerned with a file such as view, create, delete and download.

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