NIT Computer Science Project Report on Instant Information Exchange and Management Assistant

Introduction to Instant Information Exchange and Management Assistant Project:

The existing system targets the goal to provide the instant information to the users whenever needed. This instant information device has the normal activity in joining with the co-operative nature. This helps in transferring the data quickly which are highly used by the office and other people. It is also said as the visual activity that is used to transfer the data as quick as possible.

The part of the instant information is the system analysis which is the detailed study of the multiple actions and their activities which are generated by the system and the types of relationships that are processed outside the system execution.

This system analysis has some of the advantages followed by the dis-advantages. The new developed designed system has little less limitations and more benefits. Problem definitions, Inputs and Outputs, Existing system, proposed system, System requirement, Functional Requirements, are some of the other attributes of the system.

Some of the external requirements that are necessary while developing of the system are Login interface, Work assignment interface, Group creation interface, Work acceptation interface, Chronological and Priority interface. Security issues of the system are used in the attribute like the username and the password.

This is used to prevent it from the unsecured and the unauthorized users. The software requirements that are used in the existing system are the JSDK 1.4.2 as it is the java programming language. Here mostly the java 2 development kit is used to generate the source code. MYSQL is use as the back end to store data in the database.

The existing system is developed as per the designed features and specification and the advantages too. This system can be developed by very easily and which requires less efforts too. This system can be used by any of the organizations and also can be used as privately with a individual.

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