Information Technology Technical Seminar Report on Open Source Software

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Open Source Software :

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of open source software. Generally ,many of the software’s which we use today are licensed and we need to buy them. To avoid these open software is developed such that any user can use these without buying licenses. Open source acts as a alternative to commercial software.

Today many of the operating systems like Linux, open Solari , symbian etc are open source operating systems. Software’s like php, phyton and ruby are developed which are open source. Servers like apache, tomcat, and word press are open source. Some of the client software’s like Mozilla, stockwish, peazip etc are open source software’s.

Brief into open source software:

In open source software the source code is made available to anyone.  One can edit, modify the code at free of cost.  One cannot redistribute the software because of some license based restrictions. Only the original manufacturer is given full rights to redistribute because if the software is not registered with OSI by original manufacturer there may be chance of registering it with OSI by claiming that they are original manufacturers. Many of the companies like Red hat, IBM etc are giving the software for free but they are charging for support service.

Advantages and Applications:

One can use this software without buying the license. Source code can be edited, modified which can make many developers to add new features. The main advantage of using open source software is that it can be easily redistributed. This kind of system is followed in health and science, digital content, beverages, electronics etc.

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