Latest CSE Seminar Topic and Report on CARNIVORE Software

Introduction to  CARNIVORE Software   Seminar Topic:

Introduction:-Now a day’s technology is developing very much and as it is developing human life is becoming simple and comfortable. The internet brought a new revolution in the whole world. Today everything is done internet. Billions of transaction is done online through internet. This developing technology is good for as and also bad for as because as we are using this technology criminals and terrorist can also used to do anything. Cell phone technology can be used by terriost so to solve this problem phone tapping technology was developed law agencies.

                        There are many cyber crimes are also done by criminals like hacking through internet. To solve this problem CARNIVORE software is developed by US Company for security of E-mails and internet traffic. This software is named by Federal Bureau of Investigation as carnivore because in dictionary carnivore means “An animal that’s eat meat” and this software can suspect and intercept Email and internet traffic. This software attacks the ISP sever of the computer.FBI connect this software to ISP and check all the email and internet traffic. Carnivore traces computer through two modes i.e. pen mode and Full collection mode.

            In pen mode carnivore finds out the address that from whom the email has come, IP address and sever name and also FTP and HTTP protocol of the computer, but in full collection mode you can read the entire message from the particular e-mail account.

To solve the complex task of multi-protocol network, trouble shooting and debugging mixed platform packet level network traffic and protocol Ethernet, a 32-bit Ether peek was designed. It can solve the problem of unreachable device and unauthorized nodes.

Conclusion: – Technology is increasing day by day and therefore crime is also increasing and to stop crimes we have to develop many software for security of e-mail account and internet traffic.

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