Implementation of AES DECRYPTION in HDL MATLAB Project

Implementation of AES DECRYPTION in HDL ABSTRACT:Secrecy is certainly important to the security or integrity of information transmission. The ever-increasing demand for security in portable energy constrained environments that lack coherent security architecture has resulted in the need to provide energy efficient algorithm-agile cryptographic hardware. Domain specific reconfigurable is utilized to provide the required flexibility, without incurring the high overhead costs associated with generic programmable logic. Cryptographic processors apply a modular approach to data security, integrating cutting-edge technology to provide security-conscious organizations with high-level and cost-effective security solutions.

The major problem in today’s world is unauthorized access to sensitive data by intruders when the data is being transmitted on networks. The solution for this is to encrypt data before it is transmitted, so that others may not be able to read it. The science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data is known as Cryptography. Cryptography provides user authentication and secure data communication. The design in general handles several cryptography algorithms and provides acceptable performance.

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