Data Encryption Standard using GUI in MATLAB Project

The DES algorithm is a 64- bit block cipher with a 56-bit key. This Project describes DES technology for secure data transmission while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the message. In this, the message is encrypted before the data transmission process starts. The decryption and encryption of data are done by using the data encryption standard algorithm in MATLAB using GUI.

DES Encryption Results


Result for DES Encryption when given registration numbers as input (“A” is and)

DES Decryption Results

Result for DES Decryption when given Encryption output

we got our registration number as DES Decryption output, which we have given as input for DES Encryption (A= “and” in output)

Providing a secure mechanism for data transmission is very important, as we are moving towards a society where automated information resources are highly used. This project shows how we can encrypt and Decrypt plain text using DES in GUI. But DES is currently considered an insecure encryption method in some applications, such as banking systems.

There are some findings that show the theoretical weaknesses in cipher. so, it is very important to augment this algorithm by adding a new level of security to it. In the future, we can change this algorithm by changing the function implementation, and S-box design, and replacing the old XOR with new operations.

Download the Data Encryption Standard using GUI in MATLAB project report and matlab source code.

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