Image Retrieval Using Segmentation ECE Project

The original method for image recovery is portrayed in this Image Retrieval Using Segmentation project. The main concept of the modern method is that the component portions of the pictures are utilized to recover the images in the digital media. The image is retrieved with the help of the portions which is different in the local characteristics of the image and utilized to recover the image in spite of using typical world characters.

 In this novel algorithm, the provided image is divided into dominant constituents and the characters of these constituents are taken for doing the recovery. The characters are utilized to measure the interval among the elements to compare with the process. Depending on the element, every image is graded in regards to the query element. The benefit of this method is, for particular image retrieval, the candidate is able to choose the query portion to do the retrieval and hence it is able to fulfill the various requirements from distinct users.

Based on integral development on the Internet, we should have the productive storage, cataloging, and retrieval method for pictures. In a database, the images are indexed with the help of annotation. Content based image retrieval (CBIR) is the algorithm to retrieve the images which is same to particular query image by making use of the image content. Several characters like shape, color, and texture shows the image content.


It is concluded that there are several methods and algorithms to retrieve the image. Nevertheless, these methods depend on the global characters of the images. Automated segmentation is the most important and powerful concept to retrieve the image since the user is able to confine the search area by choosing the entity in an image.

Download Image Retrieval Using Segmentation ECE Project Abstract & Documentation.

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