I don’t know coding?

While chatting with friends, I come across people saying “I don’t know coding”. This article clarifies what people really think coding is and what it really means.

One question you need to ask yourself when thinking about coding is if you’ve enough skill to do it or not? Do I have good analytical skills? If your answer is yes, then you know coding. People generally think they don’t know coding is from non computer science back ground. Just because couple of subjects like operating systems, database managements systems and java or C are not part of your academic curriculum doesn’t mean you can not do coding, they are just couple of subjects from Computer science which are only subjects that you need to catch up or know little bit to start waking up your analytical skills with in you and do some funny programming. And I believe every student that clears engineering subjects does have analytical skills, otherwise you won’t get through tens of subjects in your academics.

If you’re from computer science back ground and preparing for an interview as a fresher, and at the end of your final semester in college or completed your graduation a month back or completed it an year ago, you have the opportunity to break the jinx that you don’t know coding if you organize yourself little bit better and follow following simple steps.

Steps to follow to get Job:

  1. Believe that you’ve analytical skills and you can do CODING pretty easily provided you know the programming languages a bit. You’ve the skill only thing that lacking or pending is some learning.
  2. Read Let us C book to understand C language. Its not really pretty hard subject, I especially like Yashwanth Kanithkar’s jokes on his wife in this book, apart from learning C you will have little fun too going through this book.
  3. Understand Operating systems, Database management systems. There are many videos in you tube if you don’t like reading books. Take a look at them.
  4. That’s all. You’ve some idea on programming languages. You’ll be amazed to know this, but these are the JUST three subjects that you should be good at to clear an interview as a fresher. You’ll have a job in hand.

Don’t be scared, know yourself and prepare some time a day, you’ll be a successful programmer, one day you’ll write great complex code.

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