Hyper Text Markup Language Notes

Hyper Text Markup Language NotesIntroduction : Web sites are like the source that is used to communicate with user by sitting at the same place and show them whatever you want to show. You provide them GUI environment and display your product or anything.

Websites are designed in different languages, but the easiest and commonly used is the HTML. You need to learn HTML and Java to design your website. It is very easy to manage the structure of the HTML pages. It uses hypertext that is nothing but only the formatted text, images, videos that we use on the websites and we can link them to each other and that’s why we call it hyper.

Advantages of Hyper Text Markup Language:

we don’t need any software to write in html. It can be done in text editor like notepad, word pad, edit plus etc. As you write everything in HTML so you will have deep knowledge about everything. You can easily understand what mistake you have done. You don’t need to pay for that and you can switch to different vendors. HTML is not case sensitive and it does not generate any errors.

Disadvantages of Hyper Text Markup Language:

 you cannot do programming in HTML. HTML alone can’t build the large website that has more than one form. It requires scripting like java scripting.

Brief Explanation on Hypter Text Markup Language:

it uses tag for writing different elements of the page. Tag consists of brackets opened <h1> and closed </h1>. For example <b> hi </b> it means that it will make the”hi” bold. If it was not closed then it will make all the text written till end in bold letters. There are different tags are used like <HTML> shows beginning of the code, <head> it is the header of the page, <title> is the name of the page, <body> that contain all the remaining elements of the page.

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