Head Tracking Driven Virtual Computer Mouse Compute Science Assignment

Introduction to Head Tracking Driven Virtual Computer Mouse Project:

Our plan is to use a strong and reliable period head hunter for tracking, estimate the course head cause and relative motion at the same time, and translate the motion parameters to manage the virtual electronic device.

To beat the downside of single module system, we tend to integrate the speedy face detection and image-based head tracking.

Recently new applications in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and pc Vision (CV) bring a good chance to the development of human life.

The long run desired sensory activity User Interfaces (PUI) and human inter-face devices need a lot of reliable and quick system performance in managing versatile use cases.

It also significantly helps the disabled and elder people use limited voluntary actions to communicate with others.

Existing System:

At present we all use the optical mouse or touch pad navigating our personal computer or laptop. But there is no alternative option for it.

If this device will break down we can’t control our laptop or computer.

Key board might influence be in economical during this case as we tend to square measure extremely captivated with these tools.

We tend to may operate a system whose keyboard is out of whack with a mouse however the opposite method around is basically tough. 

Proposed System:

An original head tracking driven camera mouse structure referred to as “hMouse”. It is developed for manipulate hand-free sensory activity client interfaces.

The system consists of a strong period of time head huntsman, a head motion reckoned, and a virtual mouse management module.

The hMouse huntsman, we propose a 2nd detection/tracking complementary switch strategy with associate interactive loop. supported the reliable trailing consequences, hMouse calculates the user head roll, tilt, yaw, scaling, horizontal, and vertical motion for additional mouse management.

Indicator point is navigated and fine tuned by shrewd the comparative position of trailing window in icon area and therefore the user’s head tilt or yaw revolving. 

Download  Head Tracking Driven Virtual Computer Mouse project.

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