Latest Computer Seminar Topic on A Signature-free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker

Introduction to Seminar Topic on A Signature-free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker :

  • What is SigFree?

SigFree, full form is Signature Free is a technique by which buffer overflow attack can be prevented. SigFree blocks all the new buffer overflow attack. All the Code Injection Attack Packets also block by this SigFree technique. It means it is transparent.

  • What is Buffer Overflow Attack?

Actually it is the most vulnerability in any type of computer system. It is the main cause of any computer attacks. Server breaking down, worms are the example of these kind of attacks. A buffer flow occurs during any kind of program execution. Main cause is when a large number data copied into a fixed size buffer. Then there is a possibility to overwrite the data into the buffer.

  • How to Block the Buffer Overflow Attack?

We can block this type of attack by using SigFree technique. The total steps are mentioned below.

  • URL Decoder: It first encodes the request URL. 
  • ASCII Filter:  All the executable codes are in binary form. For that when any send a request URL and URL body, at that time ASCII Filter convert it to the Binary Code. 
  • Instruction Sequences Distiller: It rectifies or extracts all the instructions from the requested URL and requested body. 
  • Instruction Sequences Analyzer: Using the Instruction Sequences we can extracted from instruction sequence. This module analyzes which one is program. 
  • We used web services in this project to make HTTP request. 
  • What is web Service? 

Web Service describes a standardized way, which is an integrating web service. This is a special kind of web application. It can convert any application to web application. 

  • Why we use Web Application? 

In this project we give an idea where we perform the SigFree technique by sending an HTTP Server. For analyze the URL we have to extract the URL and check whether it is executable or not.

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