Mossalibra Gesture Based Interactive Dancing CSE Seminar on Latest Topic

Introduction to Mossalibra Gesture Based Interactive Dancing Seminar Topic:

The Moosalibra is now well known user interface and oriented game that can be installed and play which is completely run by the displayed human acts. The dancing of the image with respect to the surrounding music that is operated by the user and can be changed instantly to the mentioned set of gestures for attaining more score in the game. The gestures or acts are nothing but the monitor pixel made snapshots of the past participants. The game thus created by the players itself and played via the musical background. 

  The Moosalibra is created and developed for the clubs. The surrounding is made for the club’s social purpose which is the in distinguishable part of the Club’s community. The Moosalibra is completely based on the changing of the gestures of the previous participants that is dependent on the time is presented according to club. Moosalibra sponsors the user experience and as per user participation. The play is little and can be felt great even played less. 

The Technology 

The Moosalibra application software is developed by applying the image processing for the display, to keep memorize and to identify the various dance steps that has been done by the user. The dance steps presented in the form of pixels, the user image is back and not displayed which let them dance freely and being of virtual VJ. 

The Moosalibra is set to run on any provided background music according to the participant’s gestures, and not depend on the audio inputs which so not create any audio output. The installation provides the self defined audio effects and the surrounding music. 

The playing style 

When the Moosalibra is in constant and stills the designed gesture on the display gives the little steps of dance of previous participants in the form of pixels. 

Download  Mossalibra Gesture Based Interactive Dancing  CSE Seminar on Latest Topic.

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