Hacking Intimation and Automatic Vehicle Parking ECE Student Project

In today’s modern age where vehicles are piling up everywhere, an efficient parking system is the need of the hour. This project Hacking Intimation and Automatic Vehicle Parking ECE Student Project deals with a parking system where space problem can be mitigated. An LCD is used to indicate empty spaces in different floors with color sensors to signify each floor.

hacking-intimation-and-automatic-vehicle-parking-ece-student-project Once the vehicle is parked into the vacant space, it is intimated to the mobile and indicates a change in the LCD count. If a miscreant takes hold of the vehicle then the security guard is alerted by means of a buzzer. This project aims at delivering a safe and resourceful parking system with hacking detection.

              A display screen at the ground mainly serves as a counter which shows the number of cars in every floor. It also signals if a floor has vacant space or filled with vehicles. Thus by reading the status of each floor on the LCD, the user decides which floor can fit his vehicle and places his vehicle on the suitable color line. The color line sensor guides the vehicle to its destined slot. Once it reaches the, the engine switches off automatically and the user receives a mobile message specifying details of the car location.

Hacking intimation and Automatic parking project dealt with here uses three floors for parking with a floor capacity of 10 cars. Also it’s highly secure, can be applies for use in remote areas as well as time-saving. However it consumes a lot of area and is a floor bound project.


The project has successfully obtained both its objectives-automatic parking as well as hacking intimation. The fundamental component used here is a microcontroller which is a controlling unit to supervise actions of other devices. The project can be extended in the future by making use of RFID technology and electronic toll gates can be conceived.

Download Hacking Intimation and Automatic Vehicle Parking ECE Student Project.

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  1. you have to do some more projects.it should depend on hardware like Robotics,Automated system projects…Bcz,students want that type of projects alone:)

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