Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using GPS and GSM

Collide vehicle information capturing using GPS and GSM projects main idea is to provide hardware and software application for moving systems like cars , trucks which can sense accident information of the vehicle to the remote areas for saving there lifes. This application mainly works on GPS and GSM technologies, where GPS system communicates with satellites for finding out the longitude and latitude of the system. Whereas GSM is used for secure wireless transmission.

Variable sensors are used for finding out accident detector which will communicate with micro controller by taking input of the accident vehicle signal and compare it with threshold value if the threshold value is less then present value messages are sent to their relatives.

This application consists of :

Embedded Controller, AT Keyboard, GPS Receiver, Vibration Sensor, LCD Module, GSM Modem, Serial Communication, Keil Compiler.    

download Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using GPS and GSM abstract.

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