Computer Seminar Topic on Static Router with Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Static Router:

Router is a device which routers the inter network from the source to destination. They transfer the packets from one network to another network. Routers use static and dynamic routing protocols in certain situations. Static routings are very common in routing.

Role of Router:

Routers are plays a key role in internet working. They determine the best path to transfer the packets from the source to the destination. It includes forwarding the packets or sending. They perform routing by remote networks and maintaining information about packets. The routers first forwarding decision is based on three layer information that is internet proxy address. The routing table is best way to find the match between the destination internet proxy of a packet and network addressing routing table. The router encapsulates the packet and sent them to appropriate IP address.

Router connections:

The router is to be connected with network with router interface. There are different types of connectors.

Serial connectors:

In serial connectors support EIA/TIA-232, EIA/TIA-449, V.35, X.21, and EIA/TIA-530 standards of connectors.DB-60 port supports five different cables and other ends are connected supported cables. Routers support smart serial interfaces which are 26-pin connectors it is whether DCE or DTE configuration type. It is smaller compared to DB-60. The cable which that we are using that is automatically determined by WAN-service that we are using.

Ethernet Connectors:

In Ethernet connectors a twisted pair RJ-45 connector is used for LAN-connections. It has eight-colored pins or strips. Ethernet cable uses 1, 2, 3 and 6 for sending and receiving data. A patch cable and cross over cables are used to connect.

Straight-through cables are used for:

  • Switch-to-router
  • Switch-to-PC
  • Hub-to-PC
  • Hub-to-server 

Crossover cables are used for:

  • Switch-to-switch
  • PC-to-PC
  • Switch-to-hub
  • Hub-to-hub
  • Router-to-router
  • Router-to-server

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