Future Work of MBA Final Year Project on AMT coffee limited

Future Work 

Apart from the extent of research done towards gathering the information towards the level of employee involvement and the corresponding communication process followed by the management to make sure the employees understand the organizational strategies and improve the job satisfaction of the employee, there is still some future scope to this research and is presented in this section.

Initially I thought of interviewing general managers, assistance managers and the supervisors of different sections also and due to the time constraints I have gathered the primary information from only operational manager, area manager and  front-line employees and in future the information from the other managers can also be gathered to acquire more knowledge on the research problem in terms of their opinions. Employees are given close ended questions and in future open ended questioner would be helpful in gathering their opinions towards the level of understanding towards the organizational strategies and their job performance.

Employees from production unit and sales unit are considered across the research and in future different levels of employees can be interviewed to gather accurate information and opinion towards the research problem. Secondary source of information is gathered from the AMT coffee limited and in future the exact strategies followed by them can be reviewed in details across the secondary source of information.

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