ECE Mini Project Abstract on Active Kisok with Speech

Introduction to Active Kisok with Speech:

The project is “Active Kisok with Speech”. Generally for announcement purpose we should use mikes. Similarly it is used for announce the Tourist information, Bus timings, etc. this project highlights are easy to use and flexibility with compatibility. It has a voice chips for speech and LCD display for displaying the relevant information.

For example ACTIVE KISOK WITH SPEECH is used for tourism purpose. If you want to know about any tourist spot information like Distance, Bus fare, timings, Services, product information, etc then you can touch that sport on the map simply it will display the all information (which is mentioned above) about that sport.  

This project is based on Micro controller 89C51, which is an Intel Architecture based chip is mostly used in embedded systems with keil software. Micro controller based displays are widely used for precision and accurate readings should be read on display unit.

From previous years it has been increasing widely, which are used in clocks, pointer based instruments, industrial instruments, etc. for this purpose it requires some hardware parts with some software, which are input port (key board), Micro controller chip, output port, 7-segment display, and input power supply.

Power supply is used for supplying the regulated, constant working voltage to this system. Keyboard is connected to the input port of the mother board, whatever the key pressed (user data) on the keyboard is send to the micro controller. The user data is manipulated by some software and finally send to the output port. LCD display is connected to the output port. Whatever the data received by the output port is displayed in the LCD display.

Main features of this project are low power consumption, compact size, it is highly useful for blind people due to voice capability, and it has greater control range due to the use of re-programmable memory blanks.

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