Employees Understanding Amt Coffee Limited Strategy MBA Report

One of the most important problems for the organizations in strategic planning is converting their goals into reality. Without a strategy organizations don’t know where they are going. Every organization in the world, small or big, has some sort of strategy.  Strategy develops an organization with a structure for evaluating where it stands in different markets, a path to progress in terms of recognized directions and motives. To develop an organization and to reach its goals a manager must ensure that every strategy reaches the roots of the organization.

This is generally called “strategic alignment”  Strategy is developed by limited number of individuals, normally the managers. While a certain degree of concealment may be necessary for competitive motives, the basics need to be demonstrated to the employees so they can perform better. Having a clear strategy is very important so that the employees can understand the organizations aim and the part they have to play for the organization to reach its desired goal. If the strategy is not implemented effectively the goals of the organization will not be reached. The Phrase “a strategy is only as good as its implementation” is suitable in this respect. A strategy brings outcomes when it is clearly and carefully implemented.

By this we can understand the strategy is always seen as a two ways process, creating a strategy carried out by top management or a group of middle managers in the organization.  Without aligning employees with strategy even a small step will be difficult. The research is based on aligning the employees with strategy and how the company performance and job satisfaction is related to understanding of company strategies by the AMT COFFEE employees.

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