Educational Institution Forum Synopsis

In current system the Educational Institution Forum work done is totally manually. First of all the management has to manually keep all information regarding customer, or user manually.

Whenever any user wants to appear for any requirements about your scope or fields details keep’s in the files. The management has to manually check the information of user for registered site. In the currents system all the transaction are made manually and many files and resister’s are maintained and written work is more. Hence there is need for more an automated system which reduces human efforts as well as automates the exam process.

Following are reasons why the current system should be computerized.

  • To reduce efficiency with reduced cost.
  • To reduce burden of paper works.
  • To save time of managements for recording details of each and every user.
  • To check particular details properly.
  • To generate information and required report easily.

Title: – website for Educational Institution Forum

Requirements of The System

• Recently unnecessary records are not to be viewed but should remain in the system for possible future use.
• System should have different provisions for users with their various rights.
• Records should not be deleted or modified by simple users; such rights are given to specialized users only. Also read permission should be differing according to the user.
• The system should be easy to sue by the user that is it should be user friendly.

1) Aim of the project:-

To automate process involved in the educational institution forum.

2) Objective of the project:-

• This website has been design to keeping mind many of objectives of project to be fulfilled.
• It should be easily understandable, easy to use and easy to learn.
• Maintain the records of users.

• It should be convenient to handle.
• Easy to use and an efficient computerized system.
• Providing user requirements regarding their scope.
• To develop accurate and flexible system to reduce data redundancy.
• Computerization should serve helpful and means of saving time and money regarding different places for their requirements to scope of fields.
• Provides security by using login and password method.
• Maintain the syllabus of the BSc, B.Com, BBA, BA, MSc, MBA.
• Prepare the question papers of both standards.
• To keep track of notes of BSc, B.Com, BBA, BA, MSc, MBA, etc.
• To keep track of news i.e. campus, university.
• To prepare books i.e.IT Books, Recommended book.
• Prepare colleges in Specific Area.

3) Scope of The Project:-

• Student login with different with different bio-data like results, paper patterns, syllabus.
• Page with the users eligibility and mode of exams .i.e. the eligibility of that is Higher Secondary (10+2) with science subjects.
• The main objective is to keep track of educational institution forum to automated system should maintain the information of the institution syllabus, notes, papers, results, news, books, downloads, contacts and the colleges.
• Selected student list (student eligible) will be generated and those records will be stored in the history database to keep track of the performance of the site.
• If the users is repetitive then this system must search quickly about his background.

4) Proposed System:-

o To solve these problems they required a computerized system to handle all the works automatically. They required web based application that will provide a working environment that will be flexible and will provide ease of work and it reduce the time for searching details of fields according user requirements and paper works or fields.
Allows the users to login :-
• After login user selects what should he wants (such as syllabus about their course, paper for solving).
• When user clicks on the syllabus about their fields they select which syllabus they want.
• Finally after selection he got their requirements.

5) Advantages of the Proposed System:

• The one of the biggest advantage is that this system must provides the help to students who are studying Science, technology and Management Studies, at educated institution throughout the world with free access to professional software development.
• Eligible students simply needs an internet connection to download the products or services and free access keys.

Definition of the problem

  • Definition of the problem is the most important activity of the project. The objective is to design precisely the problem to be solved and thereby determine the scope of the new system.
  • The objective is to define the scope of the problem to solve in terms of requirement of interaction system that can be solving it.
  • The system design is develop with the purpose that it should more quite ease for user working on the other end.
  • The system has been designed taking care that it provides proper output to the that it provides proper results or output to the user so that user can make paper that he wants to see, colleges (as per requirements), thus reducing the consumption of time and even large expenditure.
  • In the legacy system all the information that is information related to educational institution are maintain in a combined system, which involves complicated search each users has certain topics related to their class standard.
  • In legacy system, if they want to check ward status and details information about the particular subjects, then it is very difficult to search particular records or solutions of those particular subjects from big or whole things involved system.

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