Flight Tracking Android Application

Flight Tracking Android Application will shows points on the Google map. User will track the Flight details based on Time and Name of the flight. We fetch the data from MySql database.

If we search by time all flights at that particular time will shown on the Google map with point where exactly flight is by Google marker of flight icon (icon is attached in the email). Here result will be one or more points on the Map.

If we search by flight name, only that particular flight will be shown on the map. Any way user has an option of selecting multiple flight names in one search.

 Front End: User interface will have Google map with Points Marked on it.

One search button: When user clicks this button Map must get refreshed with new data. If user has not selected any flight name use must get a pop up message stating that please select any flight name before proceeding to search.

Dropdown Checkbox list:  This control will have list of flight names. User can select one or more flight names by checking the Checkbox beside the name of the flight. When user clicks the

Time Level Control:  this is same as Google map zoom control a scale with complete one week  duration with + and – Symbols at the ends of the scale ; When user launches the app , mover  will be at the top of the scale. When the user clicks the – (minus) sign the immediate previous position of the flight is pointed on the map. Time level control will work on currently selected items i.e., when user clicks + or – signs of this control work on the

Flight Icon: This icon is used to show the position on the Google map. When the user clicks on the icon flight description should be popped up. (Flight icon is attached in the mail)

Data Base: FlightTracking table:

Column NAME Type Flight Tracking Description
FlightName Varchar(100) Name of the flight
Flight_ID Varchar(50) ID or code of the flight
Description Varchar(250) Description about the flight
latitude Varchar(25) latitude
longitude Varchar(25) longitude
CurrentLocation Varchar(100) Current Location of the flight
Destination Varchar(100) Destination Location of the flight
Starting Point Varchar(100) starting Location of the flight
ExpectedArrivingTime DateTime
JourneyDuration Long or double
DetailsUpdatedTime DateTime time when flight details got updated.( time of row inserted)

Note:  Setup Notes is required.

Expected Software n technologies:

Eclipse latest version and Android Virtual device of Samsung s2.

JavaWeb services and MySql server.

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  1. Hello. i have to create an android flight tracking app for my school project, So far i did my own googleMaps app where i localised my devise with gps. But i don’t know where to go from there. So can you please help me by sending me the source code of this app.
    Thank You !

  2. can you kindly send the source code of the flight tracking android application,
    I really need it for my college project.

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