File or Web and Database Applications in SAN and NAS Technology

The File or Web and Database Applications

The main concern within the process designing the storage consolidation is the access towards the different types of the applications. Each and every application will have its own methods and approaches for performing the process of data transfer. The major difference among the SAN and the NAS is the data transfer mechanisms through which the data is transferred by using some applications.

The SAN will move the huge chunks of data that is being transferred in a reliable manner by making use of the fabric protocol which depends on the different commands of the SCSI. But the NAS totally depends on the TCP or else the IP Ethernet which is capable of transmitting the small chunks of data. In different types of the circumstances the SANs are utilized as the subsystem of backend storage for the purpose of the installation of the large NAS in order to make the restore and backup tasks easy which will even decrease the traffic present within the networks of corporate.

The specific types of applications like the database and emails which utilizes the block access process in order to achieve the I/O on the data are considered to be the best applications that are more suitable to the SAN. The different applications could be easily balanced within each and every server towards any types of the storage fabrics.

By offering the on demand capability the storage is being distributed towards the different types of the servers. By decreasing the development and growth prices the reliable performance delivers the high bandwidth, the low latency interconnects as well as the switches of fibre channels. In the present circumstances related to the business there is always a necessity of the storing the consolidation applications in a success manner to improve the performance of the continuity systems of the business.

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