Data Validations for Secure Web Applications

Description: The research paper DATA VALIDATIONS FOR SECURE WEB APPLICATIONS speaks of Data Validation and secure web applications. It is suggested in the research abstract that the information shared on website in not secure altogether. In simpler words it is highly vulnerable. There is every need to secure the data and information published on our website. But with an increase in the flow of information through the medium of internet there is a very high increase of the vulnerability factor to. Hackers are there in the virtual world hiding in every nook and corner with the desire to steal your information in order to benefit their own business concerns. This research abstract speaks about ways of securing the information in a highly threatening scenario like this.

Modular approach has been suggested as one the most effective ways of securing the information. It talks about how to introduce a scheme in a web application. It says that:

  • Data should be validated in the data model, where the validation rules have maximum scope for interpreting the context; and
  • Escaping of harmful meta-characters should be performed just before the data is processed, typically in the data access components.

When inadequate security measures are implemented the following things might probably take place. An attacker could subvert the application logic, execute unauthorized commands or code on backend systems or compromise the trust the user has in the application. Parameter manipulation, code injection, cross site scripting, SQL injection, operating command injection are some of the possible attacks.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that it is almost an ocean of information that passes through the medium of internet these days. In a scenario like this there is every possibility of an attack. Some approaches can be adopted to safeguard the data in a scenario like this. Modular approach adopted for data validation and verification is one very effective way of securing the data from any attack.

Download Data Validations for Secure Web Applications Technical White Paper.

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