Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Backup and Restore in Network Storage Device

There is a necessity of the self tape backup or else the restore system to each and every DAS island which will have the group of tape cartridges along with the administrator for changing the cartridges of the tape. With the rapid increase within the growth of the islands the number of the cartridges will even increase along with the time period.

The SAN as well as the NAS are considered as the integrated storage that are capable of eradicating the different data copies and it will even be able to decrease the tasks and functions assigned to the administrator for carrying out the back up process. In order to improve or develop the performance of the tape devices they could be united with the different types of the tape backup farms.

By increasing the availability of the data the different types of the mirror copies of the data could be easily restored within the specified time from one part of SAN to NAS and NAS to SAN. This process will reduce the human based errors and it is even a cost effective process for the organizations.

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