Bidding System with Multi Brand and Product Selection

  • Project Title: Bidding System with Multi-Brand and Product Selection
  • Software Requirements: SQL Server, .Net coding, HTML.

The Bidding system with Multi-brand & Product Selection CSE project developed with Microsoft .Net programming and SQL server database. 

The main purpose of developing this bidding system project is to provide biddings for new products in an organization. This project application provides all information about a product like product cost, product name, top bidding of the product, other company products bidding information, etc.

The advantage of this project is to provide online purchasing option to the users who want to buy any product.

This project architecture has done with N-Tire/MVC Architecture and with waterfall SDLC model. This total application has implemented with three major modules those are administrator module, a client module, buyer module.

Bidding System with Multi Brand and Product Selection .Net project total documentation with abstract, Paper presentation, database file, total source code with, Screen shots, DFD diagrams. SRS documents.

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