Seminar Report on Smart Phones

Introduction to Smart Phones Seminar Topic:

Introduction to smart phones:

Unlike a normal mobile, smart phone provides various additional features. It provide various applications to run on its platform. It supports 3g and 4g technologies, where higher transmission of data rates is possible. Mobile companies are introducing different smart phones with advanced features.  In most of the smart phones we find android operating system and other smart phones of the companies like apple and nokia run on their own operating system.

Features of Smartphone:

Unlike normal phones smart phones provide various facilities like sending emails and making video calls and accessing high speed internet. Apple company has provided thousands of applications on its platform where the user can make use of every application. By using smart phone Bluetooth we control the appliances by using embedded application. The processing speed of smart phone is very high when compared to normal phones. Strong competition is going among the companies for providing additional features in the smart phones.

Components of Smartphone:

All smart phones are touch screen enabled models where we just can tap the required application. These phones are provided with qwerty keypad, when we tap the letter it gets printed. For faster processing of phone these are provided with arm processors which has processing speed up to 1.2ghz and research is going on for increasing the processing speed. These are provided with ram of 256mb and these phones have external storage memory up to 64gb. All the smart phones support 3g and 4g technologies where we can access high speed internet. These are provided with high definition displays for providing high resolution pictures. These have high pixel cameras for capturing good quality pictures. 

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