ECE Seminar Reference Material on The Embedded Systems Design Challenge

An embedded system is a system which is used for controlling functions within a huge system with real-time constraints. For example a computer system which is designed to be flexible and meeting all user requirements. Embedded systems perform particular tasks the design engineers are responsible for size and cost reduction to increase performance and reliability.

An embedded system is an artifact which involves computation with respect to physical constraints. These are due to reaction to physical environment and also execution on physical platform. Embedded system design includes hardware, software and environment.

There are two ways for constructing systems from basic components i.e. analytically which is an equation-based and other is computational which is machine –based. The analytically view is mostly implemented in electrical engineering whereas computational is widely used in computer science.

Analytical model normally deals with quantitative constraints and has computational complexity whereas a computational model provides rich computational complexity but difficulty in quantitative constraints.

Embedded systems must be designed in such a way that it evenly deals with both physical and computational constraints; and with software and hardware; and even with abstract and transfer functions; with functional and performance requirements; with qualitative and quantitative analysis.

When critical system engineering is compared to that of Best-effort systems engineering the critical system engineering is based on analysis of worst-case where resources are allocated statically whereas best-effort systems are based on average-case analysis where resources are allocated dynamically so that resources and used efficiently.

The paper is about implementation of embedded systems, which increases the performance and reliability; it allows dynamic distribution of resources so that resources can be allocated according to requirement. 

Download  ECE Seminar Reference Material on The Embedded Systems Design Challenge.

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