Automation of Cars- Embedded Systems Seminar For Electronics Students

Automation of Cars Description:

The research paper Automation of Cars- Embedded Systems Seminar For Electronics Students speaks about Automation of cars using the embedded systems. The research paper first and foremost explains what an embedded system is. It suggests that embedded as the name itself suggests is the integration of computing elements into modern electronic gadgets and machines. It is a way to make the machines think and work intelligently.

Automation of Cars- Embedded Systems Seminar For Electronics Students

It is also about integrating various functions into a stereotype machine. Embedded system is a PC in a fridge, a car or a door or for that matter any other instrument with an enhance and intelligent communication behavior. AN embedded system is a PC that is ‘function-specific’ and that cannot take up all the additional works of a computer.

Autonomous vehicle or an intelligent car, a car that thinks has been a dream project of scientists since times immemorial. With embedded systems now catching up like wild fire the dream is now almost attainable. The research envisages an automated car by virtue of embedded systems that can zoom past the bridges, tunnels, bazaars, and many more places without going against the traffic rules at least once.

All the driver needs to do is sit in an Automation of Cars that is thoroughly and perfectly programmed to carry him/her to his/her destination. The car could be user specific too. The car would just start when the driver touches the steering with his finger. The finger print recognition which is a breakthrough is definitely a means of securing the car and protecting it against the predating car thieves.

An automated car like this would run without any human intervention, Mobile operated car is one fine example to get idea about car automation in present embedded system technology. The Geo positioning satellite (GPS) will give the car necessary information geography per second.

Conclusion of Automation of Cars:

The research paper suggests that the autonomous car is no more a distant dream and it is a reality. Technology should aim at designing more and more of such cars that will drastically cut short the rate of accidents across the world. What else these Automation of Cars are more disciplined too.

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