Electronic Passport and the Future of Government Issued RFID Based Identification

  The main aim of this ELECTRONIC PASSPORT AND THE FUTURE OF GOVERNMENT ISSUED RFID BASED IDENTIFICATION (ABSTRACT)   project is to design innovative hardware and software, which deals with passport administration. The motto of the project is to simplify the job of the security people and to have passport verification system without any mistake. In this the details of the person would be fed into the RFID cards (passports in RFID form). The RFID reader reads the details of the RFID passport and sends the data wirelessly with the help of ZigBee transceiver. On the other side the other ZigBee receiver receives the details and sends to the microcontroller. Here, the controllers compares with the data already there. If it matches than the person is allowed, less he would be termed as a criminal by giving an alarm/buzzing signal. 

 SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’ Programming Language

TOOLS: Keil Machine, Flash magic Software

 Block Diagram Contains:  ZigBee Transceiver,  Power Supply, LPC2148 Microcontroler, RFID reader, RFID Tag, Buzzer

TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148(ARM7) Microcontroller.

APPLICATIONS: Airport for verification.
ADVANTAGES: Low cost Micro controller Project, easy to use for rural areas, automated operation, and Low Power consumption.

Download Electronic Passport and the Future of Government Issued RFID Based Identification

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