ECE Seminar Topic Image Processing Facial Recognition Using the Theory of Biometrics

Introduction to Seminar Topic Image Processing Facial Recognition Using the Theory of Biometrics:

The human’s capability to remember the faces of the fellow humans which is acquired since the birth.  The Computer now doing this job perfectly to recognize the faces of humans for the security cause.  This topic covers about the memorizing the faces of thousands of humans by computer system into its own language. This technique is very well using in various fields like different types of elections, forensic investigations and analysis, also for the protection of the personal computer. 

The facial recognition system is a very developed technological innovation that comes under the field called Biometrics. The Biometrics analyses the recognition by using some biological features of the humans with its programmed technique to match the face. The concept of the recognition is the unique and specific characteristics of the human face. The facial recognition may contain some basic stages from taking snap of the human face to analyze and matching up to its stored database of images. 

This amazing technology has been already applied by a company known as Visionics, which has developed a software for the image processing called Faceit. The principle feature of the facial recognition is Local Feature Analysis or LFA algorithm, a mathematical technique of the system. The system works by mapping of the face and produces a face print which is a specific code for the face and then compare this face print to its database stored image. 

The facial recognition technology has great application in the field of banking ATM, Cash bearing security, Law enforcement, Security surveillance, elections etc. The technology can be used to secure your computer system and files by the use of web cam. The application is very useful it can simultaneously secure the computer system along with the password.

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