ECE Project Report for Content Dependent Water Marking Scheme for Speech Signal

Introduction to Content Dependent Water Marking Scheme for Speech Signal :

Today the emergence of broadband internet connections and error free transmission of multimedia data have ensured protection of ownership and prevention of unnecessary modifications in the data. The design is intended to develop novel audio watermarking algorithms which would also include performance and increase in complexity. 


With the need of protection of digital multimedia data have given rise to developing a new technology of digital watermarking. In such a technique watermark speech signal is embedded into the unnecessary part of the speech signal. The application of watermark design can be foreseen in ownership protection, proof of ownership, authentication and tampering detection, broadcast monitoring, information carrier, perceptual transparency, watermark bit rate, robustness, communication channels dependent on security. 

Watermarking model

It consists of an embedded where signal extraction takes place and this allows the transformation of signal into different domains. The signal also goes through channel noise modeling. Then the signal goes through the watermark decoder. 

Speech processing

By the coding and synthesis keeping in the parameters like formants, phonemes sounds can be influenced. There are several parameters which influence the speech processing. The voice command dictation the speech command can be functioned and similarly encoding can be done on the speech signal. 


It’s a windowing technique of variable sized signals. It involves Fourier analysis. Mathematical equations are used to find out the resolution of wavelet. Different algorithms are used to establish a relation in the signal synthesis study. The signal also passes through a multilevel decomposition and then reconstruction occurs. The simulation of such a design is done by an interactive programming environment using MATLAB. Syntaxes have been developed for reading and writing sound files. 


Signal robustness, protection of ownership and content preservation’s are the main objectives of this design

Download  ECE Project Report for Content Dependent Water Marking Scheme for Speech Signal  .

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