Data collection methods: Primary source of data & Secondary source of data of MBA Project

Data collection methods:

In order to complete the research of the project successfully, certain information related to the problem considered in the project is very much necessary and that important data is collected is used for further analysis. Primary source of data and secondary source of data are the two ways for collecting the necessary data for the project. The detail explanation of the primary source of data and secondary source of data is given below:

Primary source of data:

In this project, semi structured interviews are conducted for  with various participants for collecting the primary source of data. Questioners an interview protocol is are prepared by the researchers in order to conduct the semi structured interviews. The (Eleven managers have been interviewed, namely  the operational manager, two area managers, three general managers, three assistant managers and two supervisors from different departments.  – this is what you say in 3.5 you need to be consistent!!!  Also please revise and correct the total no of respondents #: is it 45 as under 3.5 or is it 50 as in 3.6?)  research problem considered and the relevant solution for that problem can be obtained from the primary source of data.

The human resources who are the direct respondents of the research process are generally interviewed for collecting the primary data. The primary source of data collected from the respondents will be more accurate because of the reason that the opinions of the direct participants are gathered directly and then that information is evaluated for consistency (The accuracy of collected date is ensured through a process of trangulation involving the use of ‘multiple sources of evidence’ (Yin, 2003), namely semi-structured intervies and questionnaires.). The research problem can may be clearly understood and the a solution for that problem can be obtained from the detailed analysis of the primary data and this primary data is also used comparisons with data the basic knowledge obtained from the other sources, mainly and the information obtained by primary secondary sources of data.

Various employees of the AMT COFFEE LTD are involved in the semi structured interviews for collecting their opinions in various perspectives and few questioners are prepared for conducting the interviews which can cover are the doubts that are needed for doing the research of the project. The primary part of the research can be completed successfully using this primary information. The opinions of the participants can be similar for some questions and sometimes they may vary with their opinions for the same question. The preparation of the questionnaires should be done in such a manner that they don’t make the participants of the interview bored.

Few ethics and policies should be followed while preparing the questioners (The construction of the questionnaires needs to follow some ethical principles such as  being clearly understood and not not huring the personal feelings of the participants) . The questioners must be prepared by covering all the questions which can fetch all the important information from the participants. The questions in the queisstioner should not hurt the personal feelings of the participants and even the questions must not be problematic to answer. Depending on the opinions of the participants of the research problem can be clearly understood and even new questions can be raised by the researcher for a better research on the project.

Particularly in this project the main aim of the project is to understand explain the importance of understanding of the employees’ understanding  of with the organizational strategies implemented in the company and  how this understanding relates to also the improvement in the job satisfaction of the employee and productivity of within the organization. The opinions of the management and the employees are gathered from the interviews and that information is  analyzed and evaluated for further process of the research.

Secondary source of data:

The core information data collected of the project can be  better understood by the in relation to secondary sources of data. Various sources like  the internet and intranet websites of the AMT COFFEE LTD as well as  journals, published articles, informal discussions and websites are studied in order to collect the secondary sources of data and these sources are also called as the secondary sources. The information collected from the primary source of data and the secondary source of data are compared with each other in order to determine consistency of the information and also allow the researcher to draw useful conclustions and make pertinent recommendations. to obtain some observations and recommendations for the research problem considered.

The secondary source of data for this particular from the internet and intranet websites of the AMT COFFEE LTD and thus obtained information is used for the comparison with the primary source of data that is obtained from the above process. Different article, journals and weekly updates sent by the management to the employees is used as Such  secondary data sources of information and such a sample is are given in the appendix section.

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