Alcohol Detector Circuit Project

The main objective of Alcohol Detector Circuit project is to detect the alcohol drunken people. For this purpose we have chosen an embedded system. It is a combination of both software and hardware. It was designed for a specific application.

The advantages of this system are reducing size, low cost, more reliable and secure, increasing performance, etc. 8051C is the most popular microcontroller in the world. It has been using KEILC51 C compiler.

This language is extension to C-language; it translates C files into reloadable modules which has symbolic information for debugging purpose with in-circuit emulator.

Electronics projects related to detector based microcontroller projects.

AT89C51 Microcontroller is used in this project. Compare to other microcontrollers 8051 has 12 CPU clock cycles, 3level program memory lock, 128*8 internal RAM, six interrupts, programmable serial channel, etc.

Download Alcohol Detector Project Report.

Alcohol Detector Circuit Diagram:

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