E-Church Management System Project

E-Church Management System Project Platform encompasses church management services ; all in a single platform for easy administration and communication. The application is debuted to give ministries access to emerging technology to be more effective and efficient in reaching out to more people, thus expanding the kingdom.

Church System services as follows:

  • Directory Listing/ Ministry Job services
  • Church Management System
  • Church Solutions such as Follow-up Solution
  • Church Communication Solutions such as SMS, Bulk and VOIP
  • ePayment service
  • eLearning service
  • Advertisement/Publication/Marketing
  • Consultancy

Directory Listing/ Ministry Job services

Directory listing is a service that allows subscribers to list their church information (ministry) on Church System Platform, including map positioning. Also, it helps the public to search and communicate with the ministry. While the ministry job services gives subscribers the opportunity to post ministerial jobs and allow ministers to upload their resume for pastoral job opportunities.

Church management system

It is an integrated solution for church administration. It helps ministry head to manage their ministries at a single click. It allows our subscribers to manage their ministry’s department, members and give holistic report on status of their church.

Church Solutions

These are sets of productivity tools for managing various arms of church administration such as follow-up etc.

Church Communication Solutions

This contains list of communication solutions such as social media, forum, short messaging services and voice over IP for effective communication.

ePayment service

This is an electronic payment service facilitated by our financial partners which allows churches/ministries to pay bills as well as receive payment from their members or the public locally and internationally. This service streamlines and eases payment to ministry locally and internationally.

Available payments as follow:

  • Tithe/Offering
  • Development Project fund
  • Partnership Fund
  • Donation
  • General Bill such as PHCN, recharge card etc

eLearning Services

This is E-Church Project electronic learning or online/distance learning platform which allows ministers or ministry’s head or department heads or workers to learn at their own pace. It avails the public to enroll or register for online courses and onsite training such as ministry school, leadership training and discipleship training and workers training and department training services.

Advertisement/Publication/Marketing Services

This is a service that allows subscribers to place advert or publish their contents-video, books etc on E-Church platform.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy on the following:

Online presence

Multimedia Administration

Website/Blog design

Subscribers Profile (managed by Subscribers Administrator)

  • Church services (access to services based on their subscription package)
  • ePayment service
  • eLearning service
  • Directory listing and Ministry Job services
  • myMinistry Profile-contains ministry information, locations, branches, pastors in charge, general overseer, contact address etc.
  • Setting
  • Mailbox service
  • Subscription Package

Subscription Packages

E- Church Management System platform offers three subscription packages for its subscribers:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Platinum

Software Requirements:

Technology: Java/ PHP

Database: Oracle/MySQL

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  2. This is an excellent work, pls can you send me this project document and code for my final year project.

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