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Abstract: In India alone every year there are numerous crimes reported such as, rape, murder, abduction, kidnap etc. and the rate is increasing every year.

In this 21st century also known as digital era it can be used for our benefit and make sure that parents friends and family feel safe, protected and be at ease when they have to let their loved ones go out and not be bothered constantly for their safety.

The purpose for developing this Friend Finder Android Application  is to help us track the location of ones children, friends and family whenever there is a need and it also provides text based chat feature to communicate with the loved ones.

At times teenagers and young people might be misguided and may get carried away, so this app can also be used as a protective surveillance.

The System can be described as locating the presence of children, friends and family.

The proposed Friend Finder system will help users feel safe as they will always be monitored by their friends or family.

This app may not completely eradicate the crimes that happen but it will definitely help reduce them up to great extent.


The need to ensure security of children, friends and family is increasing day by day because of the increasing crime in our country. Parents are always worried about the whereabouts of their child. This application will solve all security issues as it keeps providing the current location of friends and family and also can send them instant text messages when required.

The first phase the project is to first develop the texting feature which will be done by setting up a server which is responsible for sending and receiving messages.

The second phase of the project is to provide the location details (longitude and latitude) to the people in the contacts who have the same application on their phones.

Motivation for the proposed project

The increasing security issues of the women and children in the society have become a very big concern for everyone. The proposed system will provide the previous locations which the contacts has visited. In cases where the mobile phone’s battery has been drained out or there is no internet network, tracking a person becomes easier.


The objective of this Friend Finder project is to develop a System which includes the following features:

  1. The system will provide current location and the previous locations of the contacts.
  2. The system will provide text based chatting.

Technical Details 

The system uses the following technology:

GPS(Global Positioning System)

There are two main functional modules in the system: 

  1. Text based Chatting
  1. Tracking Location

Hardware requirement are as follows:

  • Android 2.2
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM

Software requirements are as follows:

  • SE Development kit

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  1. Thanku for sending Such a good android application,
    In India Now a days what you thinking about something is right. Am create an android app regarding this one. Just UI then later i will discussed with my guide.

    1. Do u have code for this…..can u please help me out on this….I m not making just the same app but I require some info n code help for messaging n locator….help me.

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