E-Auction a Web Based Electronic Auctioning System Project Report

E-Auction a Web Based Electronic Auctioning System Project Report covers detailed explanation about project. Here we provide introduction to topic.

Nowadays, in this technological world, computer and internet usage are happened to be important for all the activities especially in the business activities of the organizations. Internet is giving many added advantages to the companies in order to reach their target customers from different ends over the globe. For example, a customer from India can buy the product of US Company through online without visiting their location. This aspect gives a clear idea on the importance of internet and its role played in the organization success. This study deals with the development of prototype for the purpose of building online auctioning system. This online auctioning system will allow the administrative users to access the website remotely through server. This process includes different aspects such as registration, bidding process and products management.

This system will perform the bidding process through which the users can buy the products through bidding. The bidding status can be identified by the users and it will even display the available products for bidding, sold out products, bidding details, timings, bidding date and payment options. Jeetle one of the popular bidding site can be considered as the best example for this application. But in this application only cars will be available for bidding and based on further demand the other products will be included in this application. This application is more useful to the organizations or companies who are planning to offer their products and services to the customer through online website. This application is more secured and will offer reliable services to the administrative users as well as the normal customers. 

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