Digital Signature

 Description: The research paper Digital Signature talks about the role of Digital Signature as a supreme measure to safeguard all the valuable information pertaining to your financial transaction or for that matter any other transaction. With exponential rise of information shared and e-transactions facilitating lucrative deals at the tip of the finger, there’s every chance of some kind of forgery seeking in corrupting the faith that you have had in the entire system. In a scenario like this having a unique and personalized security measures are very important and indispensable to transactions of these kind.

 Cryptography is one best technology that has made giant strides in protecting data and information in recent years. Cryptography is the science of securing your information by means of a code. Cryptography provides an encryption for the data and information that passes via single/multiple channels. This is done to keep the data from any external or third party influence.

 There are three different ways to decrypt the encrypted information:

Switch key mode: This mode allows using a single key for both encryption and decryption.

Public key mode: Has two keys for encryption and decryption.

Hash keys mode: Uses a mathematical algorithm to lock the data irreversibly.

Since anyone could forge a manual signature and that can be done very easily the necessity to develop a digital signature increases. These days when transaction of any kind keep happening almost at an exponential rate creating a digital signature becomes very necessary. Digital signature kind of encrypts your signature that is specific to you and saves it from forgery of any kind.

Conclusion: Digital signatures are an essential breakthrough in the spheres of biometrics and cryptography. Wherever there is a smart card the use of a digital signature almost becomes indispensable. A digital signature is very unique and is one very effective means of safeguarding your transaction concerns. Digital signature is a very effective way of securing all your financial transactions.

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