Seminar Topic and Report on Computer Animation for CSE Final Year Students

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Computer Animation:

Computer animation is the technique that is used for the generation of the animated images by the computer using graphics. The animation is done by moving the images according to the persistence of the vision of the human because the fast image creates the illusion of the moving images at the rate of twenty fifth of the second.

This animation can be done in 3D or in 2D mode. For 3D mode we have rendered all the frames completely whereas in 2D the rendering is done according to the need of it. For transferring the low bandwidth animation via internet we use 2D animation. The first computer animated was developed in 1973 about the robot and the human lifestyle. The improvement in VGI leads to the development of animation and video games.

Types: – basically there are two types of computer animation and they are 2D animation and the 3D animation. In 2D animation the animation is done by using the pencil. And this depends on the mood, feel, reaction, and thinking of the actor. This animation can be done in various methods and they are analog computer animation, flash animation, and power point animation

Another is 3D animation in which three planes are involved in the animation and picture looks like the real one. This animation can be done in various ways and they are photo realistic animation,cell shaded animation,motion capture.

Application: – Animation making has many application in multimedia area in which we have seen cartoons like Mickey Mouse. It is also applicable in movies making.It is useful for making business advertisement based on the cartoons. This is art of communication for the internet world. We can prepare games in the various type of animation. It is used in graphics and the designing of the web page.

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