Digital Visitor Counter Electronics Seminar Abstract

Digital Visitor Counter Electronics Seminar Abstract Digital visitor counter is a reliable circuit which over takes the role of counting number of persons/visitors in the room very accurately. When anyone enters into the room, the counter is incremented by one and the total number of persons present in the room is displayed on LCD. Visitor counting is a counter of the number of visitors entering and exiting in offices, malls, sports, venues, room etc. Visitor counter helps to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of employees, floor area and sales potential of an organization.

Visitor counting has not any limit to the entry/exit point of a company but it has a wide range of applications which give information to management on the volume and flow of people in a location. The basic method for counting the number of visitors includes sharing human auditors to standard manually that tallies the visitors who enter or exit by a particular location. It is readily available in the market and is easy to build.

The counter is incremented by one as somebody enters into the room and number of persons is displayed on LCD present in a room. It is done by microcontroller. It gets the signals from the sensors and these signals are stored in ROM.

Microcontroller AT89s52 continuously operates the sensor as a person passes by the sensor and then the falling light rays on the sensor are obstructed and, this obstruction is sensed by the Microcontroller and this controller will increment the counter by 1 in the LCD display.

The components used in this system are 555 Timer IC, LCD [16*2], Microcontroller [AT89s52], Frequency Crystal [11.0592 MHz], Capacitors, Voltage regulator [7805], LDR, and Relay. There are two types of capacitors used. They are Paper Capacitor [22pf] and Electrolytic Capacitor [10 uf -16 V].


This project provides enriched learning experience to count the number of visitor in any particular location.

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