Digital Invisible Ink Data Hiding Based on Spread-Spectrum

Digital Invisible Ink Data Hiding Based on Spread-Spectrum: In olden days with the help of steganographic skills, secrets messages were hidden. Steganographic techniques consist of two branches, linguistic steganography and technical steganography. Linguistic steganography has two classes of methods. Delivering secret messages by an open code and semagrams secrets expressed in the form of drawing or script.

In real world, writing with invisible ink is the most renowned skill as per technical steganography. Invisible ink is a substance which is used in steganographic schemes to write the secret messages invisibly on papers. During writing the secret message, the ink is invisible and later on the hidden message made visible with different methods.

For instance, message written with diluted acid liquids is made visible by heating the paper. So by applying chemical liquids or vapors on the paper, viewing the paper under ultraviolet light etc invisible message can be made visible.

Based on steganography, some characteristics of invisible-ink are as follows: Prenegotiated manipulations for correct extraction of genuine secrets, the received paper deformed by prenegotiated manipulations, and cover messages as camouflage etc. Spread-spectrum watermarking technique is also a well known data hiding schemes.

There is a positive contribution with the pseudo-randomness of the watermark vector to hide the message and the ratio of valid messages bits is reduced to about 50% and the message bits are unpredictable.

 Digital Invisible Ink Data Hiding Based on Spread-Spectrum Conclusion:

Models, implementations, and applications of invisible ink for data hiding are illustrated in this document. Secret messages can be embedded without alternation to the original work. The proposed digital-invisible-ink scheme gives secrecy by enabling plausible deniability. Potential dangers for delivering secrets with the help of watermarking applications are also used to hide the data. With the help of digital-invisible-ink schemes, we are still trying to have better robustness against geometric and filtering attacks in the active-warden scenario that should also provide better secrecy.

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