Accident Statistics Electronics Seminar Topic

Introduction to Accident Statistics:

 The main aim ACCIDENT STATISTICS is  to provide immediate help to  the injured who met with road accidents. In the previous system  only the buzzer rings when an accident takes place but it does not indicate the spot of the accident and so it is difficult to find the exact place where the accident has occurred. So many deaths are occurring in India due to road accidents than any other country. To minimize the deaths and severe conditions due to accidents the wireless technology are used where the immediate action would be take place by the ambulance/police service which might reduce the severity.

                   In this ACCIDENT STATISTICS project,three modules are used Vehicle side module, Road side     module, Control room side module. The vibration sensor senses the vibration and sends to the micro controller. The IR transmitter receives the signal from the micro controller and sends signal to the IR receiver placed along the road side. Each IR receiver will have different frequency and the accident spot can be identified.

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