Digital School .Net Web Project


Digital school .Net project deals with current education system. Digital school is defined as an integrated, intelligent and internet based solution for current education system. This project is based on internet which gives full support to students. This project describes the whole education system online to get better interaction between students and their faculties.

By using this application parents can be familiar with the school environment. They can know the complete details of syllabus, attendance and mark list. By this project students can get close to school environment. They can get every updates regarding their marks, syllabus, academic plans and fee. Students can write their exams online and get results instantly.

All parents will provide a visual presentation of their children’s performance and attendance in the form of charts. Parents can be able to provide the rights to pay fees online, access school Calendar, exam schedule, notice board and timetables. They can edit their accounts and also can send the feedback to faculties and management.

Faculties will be able to upload material, to make the participation forums. They can also plan the session and put deadlines. Students can do clarify their doubts to the teachers online. Faculties can access the library online and they can also view the student’s profile. They can give the feedback to parents based on their children’s performance.

All the copyrights will be provided by admin. The main rights are provided to admin he can do everything and can watch everybody’s profile. Admin can send regular sms and emails to students, parents and faculties. He can create time tables, exam syllabus and exam schedule. Admin can also create notice board, generate graphs, and can upload new excel sheets. He can send auto fees alert to parents.

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Digital school provides a unique username and password. Parents, students and faculty will able to interact easily. They will be provided by account which will be active with recent activities. Parents or students can view their account and make changes. Admin will have information of every account.

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