Cool Cab Services .Net Web Project


Application Description (cool service):

Travel business now a days has become one of the large and popular businesses. In this travel business, car rental service plays a major role. Cool cab services are the most trusted and secured services. Cool cab service is a web application. Cool services offers cab rental and car hire in India. To improve our cool service it uses information technology. The main aim of this cool cab services is to provide best quality. We offer both man and machine, to our client.

As we understood the requirement of our clients we provide cars ranging from luxury to budget cabs, we even provide online cab hire service for corporate houses. We offer the best of rates, which are tailor made depending upon the facilities. We provide cabs with proper permits and documentation so that the clients need not face any problem or be hassled for the lack of documents.

We provide cab drivers who are educated, polite, and reliable. We even train our cab drivers to handle acute breakdowns. Our cab services include all categories of cars depending on our client requirements from luxury cars to budget cars.

Cool cab services mainly concentrate on quality, to fulfill this requirement we keep our vehicles well maintained and tested for delivering optimum and uninterrupted performance. A team of professionals in the travel business enables this system to design trips that suits to all budgets and preferences of the traveler. Our cool cab services workforce includes drivers and administrative staff well trained to discharge their duties with a lot of efficiency.

Usage of application:

Cool cab service is a web based application we offer an easy and simple service to our clients, we provide our service both with man and machine. User need to register with our application and give details. All the information given by the user will be maintained by the admin.

Once after registration user will be provided by unique credentials. User can submit trip details, money transaction can be done by card or cash. We provide a safe and secured drive to our clients.

User can even view more detailed information about our application, management manager, HR manager, moment manager, financial manager and quality assurance manager.

Modules of the Projects:

  • Admin module
  • HR module
  • Maintenance module
  • Movement module
  • Finance module
  • Quality Assurance module

Software Requirements:

  • Visual Studio .Net Enterprise Edition
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)
  • SQL Server

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