Patients Management System .Net Project

Patient management system is a project which supports to maintain clear information about patients who visits hospital. Many hospitals in India still managing patient’s details manually. This has become a disadvantage for hospital management. Patient management system can overcome this problem; Hospital will be able to save money and time if they have a good software program for managing patient’s data.

Patient management system is web based .net software that can be used to keep trace of the patients and their information like registration, bill payment, their doctor. This .net project helps to maintain information of patients.

By implementing this project providing information regarding hospital to patients will be easy. Hospital management can be able to give correct information about doctor’s availability their timings, rooms available in hospital can be managed easily. This system also supports the previous visit hours of any patient with their names.

The main objective of the system is to provide the administration staff and doctors with an easily maintainable information system for patient registration system, visit scheduling and patient tracking with latest information.

The project has been planned to have the distributed architecture view with centralized storage of the database. By maintaining this type of database in hospital time may be saved and patients ,doctors and even visitors can be served in time.


  1. Administration
  2. Employee
  3. Doctor
  4. Reports
  5. Authentication
  1. Administration module:

Administrator is one who will have access to all the information about the complete management of hospital.Admin can change or modify any information.

He can add, edit or delete details of patients, doctors, beds. He is the one who assigns doctors to patients. He is able to search all the information of every department.

  1. Employee:

Maintaining employees is done by admin. Admin provides an username and password for each and every employee who is working in the hospital.Admin provides permission for the employee to add information into his account regarding his shifts.

  1. Doctors:

Doctors who are working under this management should provide their information to the admin. Doctors are provided with a username and password. They can see their account change their account information about their patients will be provided and they can check it out. Doctors are provided an access with patient’s records and they can give their updates towards his patient.

  1. Reporter module:

Reporter module contains all information about the reports generated by the admin regarding the patient admitted, discharged, medicine charges, room charges, and test charges for a particular patient.

  1. Authentication module:

Authentication module contains all the information about the authenticated user. User without his username and password can’t enter into the login if he is only the authenticated user then he can enter to his login.

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