DIGICARE On-The-Go Android Application


This project is aimed to develop a DIGICARE online Android application that allows the user to check their BMI, can search their disease, donate or receive blood and also set a reminder to improve time efficiency and also easily retrieve using dataset analysis.


The main aim of the Android project is to develop an android application where we can search any doctor and can book appointment whenever we want so that there will be no need to stand in a long queue for getting an appointment. We can also donate or receive blood using our application. This will allow the user search for the person having the similar blood group that is required and can contact them whenever we need it.

We can also able to set remainder that allows the user to remind the time that they have to take pills at a particular time, it will send a notification that the user has to take pills in the notification bar. We can check our BMI (body mass index) using this application that will allow the user to check whether they are healthy or obsessed so that, they can maintain their proper diet and can be healthy.

The overall features that are been shown above will be in a particular application so that any user can use the above features whenever an wherever they want.


There are some Existing application’s that are used to set remainder, check BMI etc, but all are available individually.


The main aim of this project is to provide a platform where we can check our BMI (body mass index) , find the disease using the symptoms directly from the network, donate or receive blood so that we can contact the donor for blood, and also to set a reminder to remember the time to take pills etc, all at a single platform for time efficiency and to get.


Programming languages: Android
Software used: Eclipse ADT/ Android studio, MySql.

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