Locking and Alarm System using a two-step Security along with GSM Modeling

Detachable, reusable and cost-efficient lock system for existing safes using a two-step security along with gsm modeling

Even though in today’s market there are innumerable digital locks and safes available it is almost hackable plus not everyone can afford it. Our main objective of this project is to model a locking and alarm system which can be attached to any sort of the existing traditional locking mechanisms.

It will be developed along with keeping in mind that not all traditional systems can be replaced overnight. But to make them more secure a fuss-free kit can be made which will be useful for both domestic and business purposes.

Even though today’s market has innumerable digital locking systems, not all the traditional locks and safes can be replaced overnight. To solve this problem we propose a system where the modern tech can be used on the traditional method at a low cost.

Here we will use a two-level security system to make it more reliable. The system can also be further expanded by connecting its alarm signals to gsm sims.

This kit can be used for both domestic and business purposes

The main aim is to model this kit in a way that even a layman can use it for his own benefit.

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