Detect the Intruder Actions on the Manets against the Routing Protocols

Main objective of this project is to detect the intruder actions on the MANETs against the routing protocols and for this purpose OPNET modeler is used as the simulation tool. AODV is used as the required routing protocol and the three scenarios are created against the simulation, where the first scenario works under the normal AODV parameters, second scenario has two attack nodes and the third scenario has three attack nodes.

To make these nodes as attack nodes the AODV routing parameters are changed and due to this the performance of the routing protocol is manipulated and the scenarios are run for 2 minutes against the simulation process. A simple voice application is used to generate the CBR traffic on the network and the performance metrics of AODV and Voice application are estimated against the intruder actions and the core findings are given below 

All the three scenarios are created and the simulation is run for 2 minutes to estimate the impact of the intruders on the network against the AODV parameters and Voice application parameters.

Few AODV parameters are used in this simulation and when the results for three scenarios are compared it is clear that the route discovery time is more with the attack nodes due to the lost of routes by the intruder actions and also the parameters like packets dropped, error replies sent, traffic sent and traffic received in packets per second is more with the attack nodes scenario when compared to the normal AODV scenario and this indicates the routing parameters of AODV are highly affected with the attack nodes.

When the voice application parameters are considered even in this case the attack nodes has successfully manipulated the voice attributes from their normal working conditions in terms of packet delay variation and the end to end packet delivery ratio. A more packet delay variation and end to end delay is observed with the attack nodes when compared to the normal nodes and thus in this way the actions of the intruders can be detected and prevented across the MANETS using AODV routing protocol.

Paper Written & Submitted by Harsha

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