Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control To Save Energy ECE Project Report

Introduction to Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control To Save Energy Project:

In this paper we present a new concept on controlling the street lights intensity based on the density of the traffic, our main objective is to save the un-used energy electrical energy in street lights management, we can’t control the intensity of conventional High intensity discharge lamp (HID) using in present situations, so in order to control and regulate the light intensity now a day’s LED’s are replacing these ordinary discharge lamps, implementing pulse width modulation technique  in sensing the densities of the moving vehicles, as the number of vehicles are high then the corresponding intensity of the light in that particular lane is maintained high and vice versa; this dynamic approach in varying the light intensity minimizes the wastage of electrical energy. This entire operation is controlled by micro controller in which the entire scenario is programmed and stored.

Everywhere throughout the world at present humans are deeply poised by the comforts provided due to the advancement of technology in each and every aspect, in the development of the virtual mechanisms embedded systems are playing an vital role in controlling and coordinating various systems by the help of micro controllers and micro processors, these embedded systems are the micro controller based real time control system operated using specified software.

Coming to description of our project the proposed system consists of an AT89S52 Microcontroller, white light emitting LED’s, light dependent resistors (LDR), Rectifier, Filter, with an primary step down Transformer (230 – 12 V AC), and a Voltage Regulator (LM 7805), initially the 230v ac from the supply mains is to be stepped down to 12 v and this 12v output from the transformer to be rectified in 5v dc using an bridge rectifier, in order to achieve regulation an voltage regulator is provided, the total assembly and operation is clearly explained in coming sections.

Our project is experimentally verified and the results revealed that this system is applicable in real time controlling, with less complexity, low power consumption maximum reliability, applicable in traffic control systems.

Download  Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control To Save Energy ECE Project Report.

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