Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control to Save Energy

The main goal of this Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control to Save Energy is to reduce energy consumption in the streets. According to the existing system, power consumption is more due to the irregular functionalities of the street lights. By using our proposed system, we can take control of energy consumption. be the light in a dark state, when the car crosses the sensor (controller), begins to increase slightly. Brightness of light on the number of vehicles is based; the sensor depends on the cross. when a car crosses the sensor, the light will be bright at least. More than three vehicles at the sensor will be the light at maximum brightness. By the proposed system, we can control the energy consumption of street lighting.

There are two modes in this project for saving power:

1. General mode (For vehicles only)

2. Dim mode (both for vehicles and pedestrians)

 Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control to Save Energy Conclusion:

This project of Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control To Save Energy is a cost-effective, practical, environmentally friendly and safest way to save energy. It is clear that addresses two problems the world faces today, energy savings and the elimination of incandescent bulbs, very efficient. According to the statistical data we can store consumes more than 40% of electricity through the streets now. The initial and maintenance costs can be taken on this project. May cost with the advances in technology and good planning, the project resources are cut, and also with the use of a good care team may also be reduced in relation to regular checks. LEDs have a long life, emit a cold light, have the donor no toxic materials and can be used to change quickly. For these reasons, this project has many advantages over the current restrictions can imitate. Given the long-term benefits and the cost would not be a problem since the time of the return on investment is much lower.

Download Density Sensed Street Light Intensity Control to Save Energy Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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